Whether it is turning back the hands of time by saying goodbye to gray hair or acting on a whim to see if blondes do have more fun we have the techniques.

There are no limits to what can be done with hair color. You may be familiar with terms like balayage, blur technique and blonde on blonde. These are just touching the surface of new and the familiar technique we love.

We know that great products are the backbone of spectacular hair colors. We use ALFAPARF, a renowned European hair color and Redken the best of the USA has to offer. With four options permanent color, party colors, and two demi permanent colors, so we have you covered.

Products like Olaplex (Olaplex is an add on service) make all of these colors are within reach

Hair Color Services: We use only the finest color products.

ALFAPARF Milano an Italian based color and hair care company also Redken of NYC color and hair care products.

Virgin color: Is a entire head hair color on hair that has not had any artificial color on the hair from scalp to ends.

Regrowth color: The coloring of all the regrowth that has grown out less than 3/4 of an inch. (One inch or more may be considered a virgin or corrective color.)

Semi or Demi Permanent Retouch: Coloring of all the hair regrowth and blending into the ends.

Virgin Foil: This is hair that has not had any artificial color on the hair from scalp to ends or 4 inches or more of regrowth. Applying foils to the hair to add highlights or low light color tones, in natural hair color.

Foil regrowth: Highlighting or lowlighting the regrowth up 5 inches.

Special technique colors: There are many new techniques for coloring some or all of your hair. The look and technique will be discussed between you and your stylist at initial visit.

Men’s color: Will follow the same guidelines as the ladies. The Price may vary when less is done.

Corrective Color: Correcting or changing hair color that is unsightly or a complete color or technique change.

*** Hair that has 1in to 5in of new growth may be considered as virgin hair ***