Brow & Lip Waxing

Brow shaping is an art form.  Using wax is a less painful than tweezing the entire brow. The repetition of waxing often results in less regrowth. Opening up the eye area gives a change that people can’t quite put their finger on, but know there is something different.  The same is true with lip waxing. Removing unwanted facial hair is a big bang for your buck.

What is going to happen, for those who have never had a brow or lip wax?  We have two different types of wax.   One is a wax that hardens after the application on unwanted hairs and is then pulled off.

The second is a wax that must have wax removal strips applied to the wax that is then pulled off. Wax needing removal strips are usually used on heavier growth areas and larger spaces.

We also do eyebrow tinting. Please consult your stylist.